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Dr. Louis J. Ignarro

1998 Nobel Prize laureate for his discovery concerning Nitric Oxide as a signaling molecule for the cardiovascular system.

He was a distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at UCLA School of Medicine and wrote a book based on his 1998 Nobel Prize called "NO More Heart Disease"- how to prevent, even reverse, heart disease with Nitric Oxide.

Dr. John P. Cooke

Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of the Section of Vascular Medicine at Stanford Medical School. Dr. Cooke earned his PHD at the Mayo Clinic, and served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.

He trained in cardiovascular medicine at Mayo Clinic and has published over 250 articles on topics of vascular medicine and biology as well as a textbook in vascular medicine. His research focuses on endothelial biology and specifically the role of Nitric Oxide synthase in angiogenesis and atherosclerosis

He is the author of a book based on the 1998 Nobel Prize "The Cardiovascular Cure”.

Victor Dzau, MD

Chancellor for Health Affairs, Duke Medicine, and President and CEO of Duke University Health System. Hersey Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physic (Medicine) at Harvard Medical School and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Physician in Chief and Director of Research at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston. Arthur Bloomfield Professor and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Stanford University.

Dr. Dzau introduced Dr. Prendergast to the concept of using elemental l-arginine as an integrative wellness strategy.

Dr. Siva Arunasalam

Founder and Medical Director of the High Desert Heart Institute in Victorville, CA.

Dr. Siva lectures extensively and teaches his revolutionary surgical techniques to other invasive cardiologists and vascular surgeons works with high risk cardiac patients.

Board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology.

Conducted the largest study ever involving a nutraceutical (L-arginine supplement) on his high risk cardiac patients. The study was funded fully by the High Desert Heart Institute.

Quotes after the recent High Desert Heart institute Study involving the L-arginine supplement ... “Unless there is money to be made(pharmaceutical companies), no one is going to promote it. Within a month, we have seen a tremendous benefit from L-arginine. It (L-arginine) will greatly improve healthcare in our country. As long as you improve blood flow, all organs will be healthier.”

Dr. Craig Buhler

Chiropractor to the Utah Jazz of the NBA for the last 25 years and many NBA and NFL athletes.

His quotes about the L-arginine supplement: “Chronic problems that I have seen for years that didn’t get better-started getting better. From skin problems, to digestive problems, to peripheral artery disease. What this showed me is that a large percentage of our health problems are circulatory. based. L-arginine is going to revolutionize healthcare in America.”

This specific, unique and great tasting formulation for Cardio 911 was designed based on the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998. Unlike other brands it’s synergistically developed with a proprietary formula and patented ingredients to allow the benefits of this blend to continue to work longer in the body, to bring real results for numerous health concerns. Nitric Oxide formula is a proven solution used and shared by hundreds of Dr’s and Cardiologists throughout the country and thousands of studies show why the ingredients in this product has saved many lives. The time to take charge of your health is now.

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