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We Welcome You!  

The Center for Holistic Education/holistic2u is dedicated to bringing life enhancing knowledge and guidance through herbal classes and consultations to instruct those looking to improve their health and well being naturally.

I am grateful and honored to serve the community with over four decades of experience in the holistic field. My goal has always been to bring physical, mental and emotional health and balance to my students, clients and customers. My blessing is to witness the numerous and profound improvements they have experienced utilizing natural approaches to health.

You cannot pull the petals of a rose bud open to see the rose. The rose in its perfection unfolds gently being nurtured with proper nutrients, water and light. Make it your turn to learn the holistic ways to care and nurture yourself and enjoy the wondrous gift of blossoming into the healthy, beautiful and joyous person you are meant to be. That is the definition and perfection of holism...whole and holy... encompassing all aspects of you.                          

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