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Phone Consultations

Mobile Phone

First Consultation- $65, Is 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

No matter where you live it's easy to have expert, professional, holistic guidance and support with a phone consultation.
We will discuss your health concerns, you will have all questions answered and will receive by e-mail an herbal/supplement program personalized just for you. This will include information on specific formulas/nutrients so you can be informed and empowered. 
Bloodwork results, symptomology and a client intake form allows for an effective assessment. The client will be asked to email a list of meds and supplements if applicable.

Quick questions by e-mail or phone is at no charge. I have countless clients that have enjoyed amazing results living throughout the country and Europe. This is easy, fun and life changing. Gift Certificates available.


Rechecks- $35. Are scheduled within 3 months for continued improvement.
I will go over your program with you and will make changes according to your progress.

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