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BioAge Monitor

Life saving and life changing information, call today for an appointment. Know your stress level and the age of your cardio system.

This simple finger clip reading takes 3 minutes and is just $20.

You will receive a print out of your readings and recommendations based on your session results.

When you complete a session with the BioAge Monitor, you will receive a report that provides important key indicators to your overall health. Each one is explained in detail in the report, but a brief overview is listed below:

The system takes of the data it collects from your BioAge Monitor Session and compares it against a database of tens of thousands of people to determine how your statics compare with others. The result is your biological age. In other words, by comparing your health readings with others, the system determines what age your body is in the inside. For example, if you are 48 years old, but your readings are consistent with those of the average 42 year old, 42 is your biological age.

The BioAge Monitor tells you your resting heart rate, which is a key measurement for hypertension, stress and much more.

Using state-of-the-art Pulse Wave Velocity technology, the speed of the pulse they monitor sends through your cardiovascular system is measured to determine the stiffness of your arteries. The faster the pulse is reflected back, the stiffer your arteries are, as the pulse travels faster across stiff arteries vs. more healthy, flexible arteries. This is a strong indicator of overall stress as well.

The level of oxygen in your blood is measured as part of your BioAge Monitor session.

The Body Mass Index or BMI is the most common scale used to determine whether you are under, at or over weight. This calculation is provided on your full BioAge Monitor report.

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