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Digital Pulse Analysis

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 7:15 pm. Cost $20

Hamburg Community Center

107 Prospect Ave. Hamburg, NY 14075

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The Center for Holistic Education

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Every 30 seconds a person dies from vascular issues. Be aware of your risk with a simple screening that can save your life.

(Scroll down to see one of the two printouts you will receive to share with your doctor or cardiologist.)

Digital Pulse Analysis graphically displays: Arterial Stiffness, Blood Flow, Heart Strength, Age of Arteries, Left Ventricle Ejection Level, Hydration Levels, Peripheral Circulatory Disturbance, and Overall Cardiovascular Health.

♥ Accurate (FDA Cleared) ♥ Painless (No Needles!) ♥ Quick

(3 Minutes) ♥ Regular Screening $150+ ♥ Our Events… Only $20

This is such a life changing and important testing allowing us to know where we stand with our cardiovascular health and is used by doctors and professionals all over the world

“DPA allows me to screen my patients to see the current state of their health. I can then make appropriate recommendations and monitor their improvement. It takes away the guesswork. What an outstanding tool!” Dr. John Moreno, PhD.

Pulsewave technology takes advantage of the information locked up in every heartbeat to give certified operators a “shapshot” of arterial flexibility. Since stiffness comes first, before blockage and symptoms, this can be a valuable early warning device. Now, people can take just a few short minutes to find out if THEY may be at risk for vascular disease–even though they don’t have symptoms yet.” Dr. Elizabeth Owings, MD

Digital Pulsewave Analysis (DPA) has been incorporated into my medical practice since July of 2005. As a clinical measure of vascular compliance, DPA functions as an effective screening modality as well as an important periodic therapeutic response indicator.” Dr. Raynard G. Fabianke, MD.

Community Cardio Screening events are offered in the Buffalo and Southtown areas. Please contact me to schedule a Screening for your organization.

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